Anglo-Saxon Pot

Anglo Saxon Pot high res

Anglo-Saxon Pot (watercolour and charcoal A4)

This was painted from a newspaper photograph on to a piece of cardboard taken from a new shirt. I’ve tried to reproduce it since on better paper but could never capture the spontaneity of this sketch, which was featured in Artists and Illustrators magazine in 2012.



Gerald (pastel and charcoal 2014 A2)

Art therapy: a pastel drawing of our rescue greyhound, Gerald, who died in August 2014. I have plans to extend the drawing to include his front paws and a phantom tail (he didn’t have much of one). His racing name was Blake’s Gooner.

Not another sketchblog…

What the world needs now is love, sweet love, not another sketchblog. However I humbly put this forward for two reasons: first, to motivate myself to produce postable pictures on a regular basis; secondly, I feel there must be many people in my position, i.e. amateurs who do something else between 9 and 5 to keep the wolf from the door but are nevertheless serious about improving their ability to draw and paint. I hope some of you will join me on this journey over the coming months and years.

Bluebell bulbs (ink and watercolour 295mm x 210mm 2010)