Don’t drink and draw

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Kingfisher Mobile (2015 ink and watercolour A3 approx.)

Last week, a friend and I visited a workshop called Drink and Draw. We turned up with our bottles of wine, drew the harbour from the studio balcony, did some entertaining exercises and completed a drawing of our own choice – in my case a pen drawing of a kingfisher and parrot mobile that hung in the corner of the room.

I enjoy a glass of wine as much as the next man (well, probably more than the next man actually) but I’m not sure whether it helps one draw. I was perhaps a little looser in my line – which is, after all, what I’m aiming for – but that was largely down to holding the pen towards the end, like a brush.

In short, I’m unconvinced that half a bottle of white rioja added that much to my ability to draw a wooden kingfisher, although it was a fun evening.

One thought on “Don’t drink and draw

  1. Even one glass of wine and can’t write, if I’m working on fictioin or poetry. Not at all. But if I’m painting, doesn’t seem to affect me at all. Just have to remember to keep the glass of wine and open jars of paint, gells and brush water far apart!


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