An unloved drawing

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Accidents Will Happen in the Land of False Noses (2014 ink on a sketchbook page)

A few months ago I entered this drawing into a competition run by an ink company. It wasn’t shortlisted.

Last month I entered it for the Anonymous Drawings project. It wasn’t chosen.

It isn’t a bad drawing, hopefully. The whole idea of people (and animals) wearing everyday objects as false noses is quite engaging – to me (and my partner, who made it up) at least. It just demonstrates that art is subjective and that, thankfully, we can’t all like the same thing. If you enter a drawing or painting into competitions then  you have to accept the possibility that it’ll be rejected and one mustn’t take these things personally.

Perhaps I’ll keep entering it for things until it becomes the most rejected drawing of all time. Then, perhaps, someone will show it some love and clasp it to their bosom, murmuring softly, “Now you have a home…”

7 thoughts on “An unloved drawing

  1. Yes, taste is a very personal thing and i rather like this drawing. All it needs, in my mind, is a caption. Any suggestions anyone?


  2. Dear Mike Richards,

    Far from being ‘an unloved drawing’ I thought this enchanting – quirky and creative – and I loved it.

    The first time we met was at a railway station in Hilversum in 1985!

    It doesn’t bearing thinking about how 30 years have disappeared. Michael Deves was staring around distracted, and I was the first one who spotted you and said ‘Is that Mike’?

    Do you remember that trip down into darkest Germany – the Black Forest itself? I have never forgotten a dinner where Barbara had to translate the menu for us, and if it hadn’t been for her, I may still be shut in the ladies’ loo at that restaurant!

    It is great that you are sharing your passion for drawing with us all.

    Kind regards Yvonne Miels

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    • I don’t know how much that helps really, Marina. I keep reading on Facebook about printers who take things off the net and reproduce them without permission. I had a couple of odd visits to my blog early on and started doing it just to make it a little more difficult to steal them. It’s easy enough to remove but it might possibly make people think twice. Can’t do any harm anyway, I think.


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