‘Daily’ Painting

Limes 1 blog

Limes (15cms x 15cms oil on board 2015)

The point about daily painting is that it’s not supposed to take two months to finish a small picture the size of a bathroom tile. Yet something about the shadows in this picture trapped me like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights and I came to a grinding halt. It sat there on the easel in our tiny conservatory (otherwise known as the ‘summer studio’), metaphorically wagging its oily finger at me, tut-tutting every time I walked past, until I could stand it no longer and finally finished it last Saturday. I quite like it now – the brushwork is nice and loose – and I might even start another one, perhaps of a nectarine. Don’t count on it appearing next week though…

Carol Marine would despair of me.

8 thoughts on “‘Daily’ Painting

  1. very nice…and i understand…i have several …in various stages and my “studio” is a corner of our living room..the wall where “the unfinished” hang, faces me (tongues stuck out) at breakfast daily…i must go face them

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