Sixty drawings in one week…

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Dimity & Other Stories (37 x 17cms ink on Farrow & Ball paint sample card 2015)

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…but each one is only 3cms wide and 2cms deep.

The weekend before last, among the advertising inserts in my copy of the Saturday Guardian was a Farrow & Ball colour chart for their range of household paints. There are two things you need to know about Farrow & Ball: their environmentally-friendly paints have a lovely chalky quality and they give them weird names. You can paint your living room in Dead Salmon, if you wish, or Churlish Green, Elephant’s Breath, Down Pipe or Pale Hound.

These pristine little rectangles were just too tempting. At first I just drew what their names suggested – a bone for Bone, a piece of knotted string for String – but then tried to be a little more creative. Surely Cornforth White is a jovial old cove for whom the sun is always over the yardarm; Clunch is an enthusiastic hug in the middle of the day; and Blackened could only be a man with a comedy exploding cigar.

So here is part one of my Farrow & Ball colour chart drawing project, largely drawn with an old-fashioned dip pen rather than the Uniball Deluxe Fine I normally use. Part two depends on continued inspiration and, more important, stamina.


32 thoughts on “Sixty drawings in one week…

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  2. Cool drawings. Now you have a whole group of ideas for other projects, love this idea. I do like the color cards from the hardware stores. I always collect a few when I shop there.

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    • That’s very kind, Claudia. Many thanks. Do check back later when I load the proper version – two columns were missed off the left hand side and I didn’t notice until after I’d posted it. Rats!

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  3. Reblogged this on gray water and commented:
    Back in the ’80s, my friend Craig Hunt and his roommates would take the often lurid personal ads from The Village Voice and transform them into haiku poetry.

    This post by fellow blogger Michael Richards reminds me of that artistic “upcycling,” a bastard of a word, but one that aptly describes taking something pedestrian and turning it into something with real legs.


  4. Thanks for liking a recent post of mine.
    I love this too, the drawings are great and the idea wonderful. I have this chart of formica samples I’ve not been able to throw away. I’ve used one or two for covers for mini books I make, but perhaps I could paint a series of mini paintings on the rest. Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers, Sarah

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  5. Thank you very much for your taking the time to evaluate my works, for your “like” on my “What is eating what” on Please allow me to reciprocate best compliments and wishes for your great artworks too. With kind regards. Edoardo Dispenza

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