A Dog’s Life

Gerald colour blog

Gerald as a Cartoon Dog (A5 ink and coloured pencil on brown wrapping paper 2015)

I can still get emotional thinking about our rescue greyhound, Gerald, who died a year ago yesterday. A survivor of the cruel sport of greyhound racing, he was dumped on the Dog’s Trust when his racing form no longer made financial sense for his owners. However he became a much-loved member of our household for five years, around four and a half of which he spent on our living room couch.

Greyhounds are wonderful subjects to draw and paint: their taut, angular bodies naturally fall into interesting poses. After a few hours spent lying on his belly, Gerald would flip himself over onto his back and his smooth, sleek profile would change to a peculiar tangle of limbs and bony paws.

Gerald blog

Gerald (60cms x 40cms charcoal on Hahnemuehle Nostalgie paper 2013)

Greyhounds are also splendid animals to talk to. You don’t get much in return, but they’re excellent listeners.

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