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A Good Idea (A5 sketchbook page collage & mixed media 2014-15)

I started this in December last year and finished it last Sunday afternoon with the addition of the Dutch stamp, a cartoon symbol of someone having an idea. Until then it had simply been a slightly odd looking collage but that simple addition seemed to pull it all together.

I do admire those who can put together collages that rise above surrealist juxtaposition, and even more those who can collage in 3D.

Don’t you love the word Knallteufel? German is a wonderful language, I think.

16 thoughts on “A Good Idea

  1. Thanks for the link and the compliment. !!!

    I love this collage. You are right, the one element made all the difference. A balance thing, maybe? Isn’t it amazing how just one element makes (or sometimes it’s the other way, it diminishes) the collage. You just have to get that feeling of balance, is what I always come back to, meaning, it looks – complete.

    Love the face and its mismatched features!

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    • Many thanks – I felt a little nervous about posting it to be honest. I suppose ‘bang devil’ would be a literal translation, but it’s a name given in Germany to those fireworks that just make a loud noise and nothing else, what we call bangers in English and, I suppose, firecrackers in America. It is a splendid word though, isn’t it?

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