Autumn in Germany

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Gourds (A5 Faber Castell watercolour pencils on sketchbook page 2015)

One of the many things I enjoyed about living in Germany was the way seasons are celebrated: Christmas markets are well-known, but there are festivals built around the first applewine pressing, the start of spring, young wine and many others.

I can never think of Germany in October without remembering the baskets of gourds that appear at many farm gates, at least in southern Germany where I was earlier this week. At three or four for a Euro, there’s no excuse not to decorate the kitchen table with an autumnal pile of gourds, turning leaves and lichen-covered branches.

These three also gave me the excuse to try out my daughter’s splendid set of 120 Faber Castell watercolour pencils. They’re wonderful, like drawing with coloured butter…

11 thoughts on “Autumn in Germany

  1. Great drawing, and I know just what you mean, we have a big pumpkin festival at the end of the road at this time every year and it’s great fun. We always get some to decorate the table and they’re great to draw too 😉

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  2. Ooh you’re tempting me! I have the 120 FC polychromos which are my coloured pencils of choice among many, but I haven’t tried their watercolour ones. Your picture justifies a trip to the shop!

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    • Many thanks, Rosie. As I mentioned to Eleanor (above), I didn’t wet them at all but just used them as very soft coloured pencils. I usually find watercolour pencils rather insipid but I bet these are wonderful – the colours are very intense.

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