Breakfast in America

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Fried egg on sourdough toast with an espresso (A4, pastel, 2015)

There are two excellent bed and breakfasts near our office in Rochester, NY, and I’m in the Mount Vernon. Hidden behind trees, this tranquil villa feels like something from a quieter, more elegant age.

Open your blinds carefully on a winter morning and there’s every chance you’ll see a bright red northern cardinal on one of the many bird feeders in the garden. Like many American B&Bs, the breakfasts here are a delight: fresh fruit, good coffee, and perfectly-cooked eggs on home-made bread.

I drew this before I left for the US but probably with those Mount Vernon breakfasts in mind. I’d had a go at this a couple of times – in watercolour and acrylic – but only soft pastel (Sennelier Extra Soft and Unison here) seemed to capture the essential egginess of that fried egg. I love drawing food. And eating it.


21 thoughts on “Breakfast in America

  1. Wow that looks good. I also like eating food. I’ve not tried drawing food (well, yesterday I did). Typically I just want to eat it. What kind of work are you in that brings you to the US for a time?

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  2. You drew that to perfection! I miss American breakfasts….though the cucumber and red pepper slices on rye bread are much healthier….a good greasy egg is delish!


  3. Compliments for this artwork, the interesting blog and my thanks for your kind Likes on my post “Scenery”, “EXPO” shown on my blog Best wishes. Edoardo

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  4. I’m glad I stumbled across your blog, very nice piece! Just like on your Loosening up post, you’ve created a perfect sense of breakfast and I imagine a beautiful day of relaxation and tea. Very nice!

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