Birthday Bergamot Oranges

Bergamot blog

Bergamot Oranges (A4 acrylic and mixed media 2016)

When you reach a certain age birthdays become less enchanting than they were, but here’s one I’m happy to celebrate.

A year ago today I posted my first painting on A Certain Line in its current form. I did actually start a couple of years before that, when my idea was to alternate posts of my own work with pieces about illustrators and artists I admire. The thought of all the possible copyright infringements and the realisation that I had nothing original to say gave me pause for thought, and it wasn’t until March last year that I realised that a weekly blog would be the ideal motivation to produce a finished piece of drawing or painting regularly.

It seems to have worked, and not just through my own determination to keep up the pace. The number of followers who have found something here to enjoy is heart-warming, as is the encouragement of those of you who take the time to look, read and comment. The generosity of my fellow bloggers and those who follow by e-mail has been a real thrill.

Nor should one underestimate the inspiration of looking at other bloggers’ work. Seeing the high level of creativity from people who are full-time artists or fitting in half an hour of drawing after work is enormously motivating. Nor could I be without the writers and photographers and textile artists who encourage us to see the world around us from a different perspective than our own.

I should make special mention of Rebecca over at Stuff and Nonsense, who generously flagged up my blog early on with an award which gave A Certain Line a boost just when it needed one. Many of you became – and thankfully remained – followers since then. Thank you, Rebecca!

So here are a couple of birthday bergamot oranges, which have the shape of oranges but the colour and taste of lemons. Painted largely in acrylic with some bits of charcoal, pastel and coloured pencil, they come close to quinces in my pantheon of fruits that are fun to draw and paint. Sadly these started to go mouldy before I could do more than this painting.

So thank you all again for your support. Do stay tuned: next week we’ll be looking at Carly Simon’s imaginary friends. Really.

44 thoughts on “Birthday Bergamot Oranges

  1. I’m so glad to have found your blog recently and enjoy your writing as much as your lovely drawings. And as you say, the pleasure of sharing in this way, with responses and exchanges from this extraordinary community of other creative people is a real delight. Congratulations and many happy returns!

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  2. Happy bloggy birthday, Michael! Maybe a blast of the Birdie Song to celebrate? OK, perhaps not. πŸ˜‰ But your lovely art and charming, thoughtful words are a total treat; long may you continue to spoil us.

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  3. Aw, so glad you are part of the community, your blog, writing and artwork is so delightful and a real treat. Congrats on the first year, with many happy years ahead in the blogosphere! And a special thank you for your beautiful and inspiring artwork!

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