Brown bear wearing cool shoes

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Brown Bear Wearing Cool Shoes (30cms x 40 cms pastel 2016)

There’s no real story to tell about this week’s drawing. It was inspired by a review that I read of A Beginner’s Guide to Bear-Spotting illustrated by David Roberts; a demonstration by Lynne Chapman on how to illustrate a children’s book in pastels; and this photograph of shoes in a designer shop that I saw on Easter Saturday in London’s Burlington Arcade:


Put them all together and you have a brown bear in cool shoes.

PS When I win the lottery, and I can enter shops that don’t have prices on items in the window display without fear of humiliation, I’m going to treat myself to those lime green suede brogues third from the left. They represent the height of frivolous materialism to me and the exactly the sort of thing you should wear when you’re eight million pounds richer overnight (after that you can start doing good deeds). A colleague of mine once sent me an SMS to say that he’d seen Simon Schama in the Nordic Cafe in London in something like the ones pictured fifth from the left, so I’ll be in good company.

39 thoughts on “Brown bear wearing cool shoes

  1. Lovely, fun drawing Michael – I thought he was tap dancing at first, though indeed he could just be delighted with his new clogs! And I’m sure you’d look most dashing in your lime shoes – fingers crossed!

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  2. I LOVE this bear (and I am jealous of his fashion sense)! I could see this bear hanging out with Hubble and Bunny–perhaps giving Master Hubble a lesson or two in putting your best *foot* forward as it were-Wonderfully done Michael!

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  3. I love it. And the thing about drawing, you can have anything you want in that drawing, just pluck it out of the imagination or inspiration and put it on the paper. Now it’s yours. And shoes for the bear, too!

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  4. You have drawn a fantastic character for a children’s book…a bear with sartorial elegance. What will be choose during his next shopping trip?

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  5. I swear I am losing my mind. I had this post pulled up on my phone and even had a comment composed in my head and if you ask me, I’d swear up and down that I had already replied…but NO! When I pulled the tab back up, I realized I never did. And of course I can’t remember what I was going to say now. Sigh.

    Anyway this totally cracks me up! I don’t k ow why a bear with shoes is so hilarious but it is! 😄

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