Diamond Dogs

Hund Ohne Ente blog

Pikelet (A5 sketchbook page, pencil, 2016)

It’s been a while since I posted some images of dogs so I feel it’s time to redress the balance on this cat-obsessed internet, especially as – in the US at least – yesterday was National Pet Day (I’m reliably informed).

The first (above) is a dog called Pikelet, and comes from a photograph in a My Modern Met story about two dogs who ‘adopt’ two ducklings. The story pushed my Cute-o-meter well into the red, I’m afraid, but I couldn’t resist drawing the ever-bemused Pikelet and his enormous paws. Look at them – they’re huge.

Hubble blog

Hubble (A5, pastel and ink, 2016)

This dog’s body is a piece of Hubble from Meg Greene Malvasi’s excellent Little Dogs Laughed blog. Meg has three wonderful rescue dogs but my day is made when Hubble makes an appearance. This is from a photograph posted in January: I kept getting his neck too long and his body too wide, but I decided to keep this fragment for my next attempt.

Greyhounds 2

Gerald sleeping (4 cms x 6 cms ink and watercolour 2013)

Finally, above is a rough sketch of our late and much-missed Gerald, doing what he used to do so well: sleeping. There is a corner of our living room that is forever greyhound.

Did you feel it? That was the internet shifting ever so slightly in favour of dogs!

47 thoughts on “Diamond Dogs

  1. Lovely stuff, Michael – as a cat lover who merely *prefers* them to dogs, I applaud your revolutionary movement. Pikelet’s look of silly bewilderment is there, and so very charming (and the wonderful ducklings only sweeten the deal, as far as he’s concerned!)

    I hear you regarding Gerald. Growing up, we had a settee that was greyhound long after Murphy departed – he was expert in slumber too!

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  2. These are wonderful sketches, Michael! Love them all… I honestly thought it should be World Pet Day instead. Yep… I’ve always been a dog person. It’s good you’re giving them more air time to compete with all those darn cats! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ(Oh, and if you’re interested in being included in my round-up at the end of the month, just add the #doodlewashaday tag to your post!)

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  3. I had a wonderful lurcher called Lucy for 12 years. I got her from Battersea , thin and depressed and she blossomed into a wonderful dog, full of character and become a dear pal . So I love these drawings, nothing quite like that bond with a beloved dog, and these sketches capture that ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. I am not fond of dogs (stemming from serious dog bites when a child) but that Gerald looks so cute and happy, asleep like that, that I bend a little and say, what good memories you must have for such a pleasant looking dog.

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  5. Hubble says of the drawing, “a small piece of me is better than no piece of me Mister Michael!” Truly, I am thrilled that you have enjoyed his adventures. I am in awe sometimes of his amazing resiliency and joy for life and of the interest people have shown on his behalf. Also speaking for Little Dogs Laughed, we appreciate you taking up the K9 banner for those who cannot *speak* for themselves in the face of the growing onslaught of cuteness where cats and kittens are concerned. Forward troops! ๐Ÿ™‚

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