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Radishes (30.5 cms x 22.9 cms mixed media 2016)

For the second week running I was struggling with an acrylic painting.

These multi-coloured radishes on their off-white plate, with a lightly-chequered cloth in the background, were going well. I tried the top third of the painting in sap green, then yellow ochre, and neither looked right. It was time to take a break and put together a lasagne for supper.

I was stirring the bechamel sauce, listening to a wonderful piece of music by Anna Meredith (Blackfriars) on the radio and gazing at a collage by a dear friend of ours, Sarah Banbery, which hangs near the stove. Collage, that was the answer.

As the lasagne baked I added the page of Spanish text taken from a damaged book I use for such things, painted over it with white acrylic, added some lines in pastel, and the picture was done.

The ways of creativity are often unfathomable, I find. Thanks to Anna Meredith’s meditative piece for strings and the rhythmic stirring of a sauce, I entered the relaxed frame of mind to be inspired by Sarah’s collage.

32 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Looks like it turned out extremely well! I find that stepping back a bit and waiting for the inspiration to come instead of forcing it is the solution when you’re stuck creatively. Nicely done!

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  2. The collage looks so relaxed and balanced Michael, each element of the painting playing off the others, it looks like you were in ‘the zone’ – I must try playing some decent sounds while I’m working!


  3. Hi Michael, The first thing I thought when I looked at your painting was that the whole image had elements of collage. Then I read the post and realized that the painting itself reminded me of collage which I found intriguing. Finally, your lasagna sounded delicious and made me hungry. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Carol. One or two people have mentioned that they thought the radishes were also collaged, so I hope that means it hangs together well enough! Thanks very much. The lasagne was OK but I’ve made better – perhaps because I had my eureka moment in the middle of preparing it!


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