One morning (with strawberries)

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One Morning (A4 mixed media 2016)

The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition comes in for a fair bit of stick. It rarely gets reviewed in the weekend broadsheets and if anyone pays it any notice at all, it’s to give it a hard time. Seen until recently as rather conservative and dominated by older, male artists, the RA invites anyone to enter works for the Summer Exhibition: this year 12,000 submissions were received but only 700 works by non-Academicians were accepted.

The 2015 exhibition was stylishly curated by Michael Craig-Martin, whose own work I find rather sterile despite photographer Richard Guest’s shedding welcome light on it earlier this year. This year’s was left to the care of Richard Wilson and, if not as ground-breaking as it was under Craig-Martin, there’s still plenty to admire.

Among the less showy numbers was a small painting by Karolina Gacke, an artist whose name is new to me. Despite the presence of bigger names – including a particularly wobbly print by Tracey Emin of a woman doing something or other on a hotel bed and some vibrant prints by Jim Dine – I kept wandering back to this still life by Ms Gacke, looking at it hard and long for some time.

It’s been an uninspiring couple of weeks, I have to admit, but long after I left the Royal Academy Karolina Gacke’s lovely painting remained with me. Over the weekend I had a go at her spacious, loose style. Although my painting is more contrived, I present it here as a tribute to someone who, for me, stole the show at the Royal Academy this year.



30 thoughts on “One morning (with strawberries)

  1. I like Karolina Gacke’s piece and yours. It’s fascinating to try out someone else’s style and see what comes of it. I find it hard to do, because, ultimately, it’s not quite the way you see the world…but it does open up possibilities. Thanks for a thoughtful and engaging post.

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    • Yes, I was using it as a way to unblock, really. The style isn’t that different from some of the earlier things I’ve done – such as the picture in the Breakfast in America post – and I’d painted the strawberries before I went to the RA show. But it really helped to see Karolina Gacke’s free-sprited approach and play around with some of her ideas. I might work on that a little more in future.

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  2. It’s a lovely painting and I enjoy your commentary. I own a Jim Dine print purchased long ago that I think is actually signed by him. This has never been confirmed but I continue to believe it. N.

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  3. I’d forgotten all about the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition – thanks for the nice post reminding me. When I was a kid, I always dreamt of submitting something….ha ha! I don’t know Karolina Gacke’s work but will look it up now – however hers is, I love the simplicity of your rendering!

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  4. I liked your painting and I liked it even more when I saw the inspiration. You took it and then upped it, I think. I love the spareness and calmness of what you’ve done. And thanks for the intro to a new artist, I really like her work.

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