Into Autumn


Sunflowers (30cms x 40cms pastel 2016)

So that’s probably it for summer: the evenings have acquired a chill edge as soon as the sun drops behind the trees; the gardens and hedges have that exhausted, end-of-the-season look about them.

Last week a neighbour placed a pot containing an extravagant sunflower by her front door, its big bright face a last celebration of summer colours before the winter comes. I was inspired by this to try an abstract pastel drawing of the three sunflowers wilting in a vase in our hallway, something a little more free-form – perhaps in the spirit of Joan Mitchell (woefully under-represented at the Royal Academy’s Abstract Expressionism show, I thought).

In the end though, these chaps came out looking more art deco than New York School, perhaps with a memory of 1960s curtain fabric. I’m not sure how successful this was: perhaps acrylic or even watercolour would have been a better choice of medium than pastel, like this from a few years ago:


or this one from Kate Osborne. Anyway, I offer it as a reminder of the summer just passed before the season of fallen leaves, quinces and russets.







14 thoughts on “Into Autumn

  1. I like this experiment…though I have to admit that I thought they were jelly filled donuts, until I read the post. It’s hard to take on a new approach to sunflowers– they’ve been done so many times in bright yellow on cobalt backgrounds. Muted tones make it interesting. And in the end: sunflowers…donuts– it’s all good!

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  2. I love your sunflowers, they are brilliant! Everything about your painting is so lovely and unique! I feel the same about summer slipping away, fall is gorgeous but then winter hits… I think I’ll go back and enjoy your beautiful sunflowers and forget about the next season!

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