New Year’s Eve


The Grim Reaper returns home (A5 ink 2016)

I’ve already written about the celebrity cull which happened this year, but that 1-2 punch of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds just after Christmas seemed like the Grim Reaper’s parting flourish – something he’d been planning all along to show just what he could do if he put his mind to it.

Let’s hope that 2017 brings us all some peace and a return to kindness after a year of division and polarisation. Those of you with a faith of some kind will no doubt be calling on that for support while the rest of us, perhaps, ‘open our hearts to the whole universe and find it is loving’. Let’s hope so.

The above drawing owes something to the great Austrian artist, Paul Flora. To open 2017 on a note of wistful beauty, here is a piece of music written specially for this occasion.

A happy and peaceful New Year to you all.



24 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Dear Michael, Congratulations on a wonderful drawing! I really love it! And, as usual, I love your text – its humanity. May you have a happy New Year, dear Michael. Yours Bálint

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  2. I love Finzi works, and Leonard Cohen too – plus Boccherini. Eclectic if nothing else!! Great post – and wishing you well in 2017. Let’s hope the world regains a sense of balance and common decency.

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