Election Special

Not Quite Jeremy Corbyn (A5 pencil on sketchbook page 2015)

“The British people are biologically programmed to defy those who threaten them and do not buckle under stress.”

This jingoistic twaddle comes from the Comment page of the Daily Mail website the day after the terrorist attacks in London. The piece also invokes the spirit of the Blitz, ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s friends in the IRA’, the shortcomings of Muslim leaders in Britain and a number of other buttons that, once pushed, send the blood pressure of the typical Mail reader shooting off the scale.

This is everything you’d expect from the Daily Mail and its editor, Paul Dacre [WARNING: this link contains strong language]. Little of it really hits the target and none of it is helpful. The British people are no more programmed to defy terrorism than anyone else and if anyone buckled under the trauma of living through such an attack they should be helped, not have the Dacre finger of blame pointed at them with all the contempt of a man unable to empathise.

The British people bleed when they are wounded and grieve when they lose the ones they love, just like Palestinian mothers when a school is bombed or Israelis when a bus explodes. Adopting a tone of self-righteous indignation and searching for someone to blame will not stop another atrocity, here in England or anywhere else.

Until all that stops and solutions are found to long-running problems, until we substitute understanding for military might, until we cease trying to impose our imperfect political systems on unwilling nations, until we realise that bombing the hell out of somewhere and then walking away from the resultant chaos is counter-productive, there will always be angry young people willing to sacrifice themselves and innocent others for their cause (however misguided that cause may be).

It may soothe the readers of the Mail to think that the problem lies with Jeremy Corbyn and ‘his ex-girlfriend Diane Abbott’ but I doubt even the most dim-witted and right-wing of their readers truly believes that nonsense. If all else fails, alongside this spittle-flecked Comment on the Mail’s website one can find good old comforting sexism in stories such as ‘Holly Hagan flaunts her assets in a VERY skimpy bikini top as she parties in the Ibiza sunshine with hunky shirtless pal.’

The world still turns.


17 thoughts on “Election Special

  1. I’ll be the elephant in the room and say that possibly that Comment was meant to try and encourage a sense of hope. Hope is vital to keep going during extreme periods of darkness. If you have no hope, you are doomed.
    PS: I like your drawing and your point of view on terrorism and ignorance. 👍

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    • Possibly, but then it should leave out the vitriol, the finger pointing and the gratuitous sideswipes at Corbyn. I’ve nothing against people finding hope where they can but it shouldnt be at other’s expense. Thanks for taking the trouble to read it and to comment, and for your kind remarks.

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  2. Michael, you are so right. The US has killed so many more Muslim civilians than the terrorists have killed American civilians. In fact we kill many more of our own selves (guns, cars, drugs) than any terrorist organization could hope to touch. But it’s too uncomfortable to face our own demons, and besides, there’s too much money involved in keeping things the way they are. A pox on them all. (K)

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  3. Well what a difference a few days makes Michael. Great drawing; the right wing press and the government tried to dismiss Corbyn as a joke and how who’s laughing? Good to see a study of him looking below the surface of those terrible news stories and personal attacks. But the British people saw through all that hate and said ‘no thanks’.

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