Remember what it was like drawing as a child: filling page after page with uninhibited lines? This blog takes its name from John Ryder’s classic book on illustration, Artists of a Certain Line, and charts a part-time artist’s attempts to recreate the ease of line-making that one has in childhood.

Art is not my primary source of income, yet it calls to me if I ignore it for more than a day or two. The poet Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, “Alas for those that never sing/ But die with all their music in them”. For me drawing and painting are ways to let the music out.

My intention with this blog is to produce a piece of work once or twice a month. Early on I also felt that I should have something to say alongside the picture, something more than ‘here’s an apple painted in acrylic’. Sometimes the image illustrates the text, sometimes not. There shouldn’t be too many rules after all…

If you enjoy what you see and read please follow A Certain Line. It helps to know that someone is listening.

Michael Richards