Oils by Accident

Gourd WP Pomegranate WPSquash WP

Gourd, Pomegranate and Squash (all oil on board 2015 15cms square)

I didn’t actually mean to start painting in oils: I was told about a course run by Ed Cooper which I thought was on acrylics but was actually an introduction to oil painting, but it turned out to be serendipitous. I’d always enjoyed painting still life and admired Carol Marine’s daily paintings – small (15cms) square pictures painted loosely in a couple of hours. Adopting a new medium almost encourages a change of direction, and there are worse things to do than spending a couple of hours on a Sunday morning looking hard at a gourd or a pomegranate. At the moment – as you can see from these three pictures – I’m still struggling to understand the medium, but if one is unhappy with the results it’s no tragedy to wipe the board clean and start again. I’d like the finished pictures to be looser than these eventually, but the journey is as much fun as arriving at the destination. As the great Willem de Kooning once said, “You have to start, over and over again.”