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Toad (10cms x 10cms ink and watercolour 2016)

I know many of you have been busily producing daily watercolours for World Watercolour Month, a wonderful initiative by the tireless Charlie O’Shields.

So far – 19 days in – I’ve managed the buddleia that I posted last week and this watercolour of a toad (I have been away quite a bit). I’ve been given a book of wildlife studies by the Cornish artist, Kurt Jackson, whose work in a variety of media is never less than interesting and often inspiring. I used some of his loose linework and spattering techniques in this image of a chap I’d disturbed while pulling up weeds in our garden.

Did you know that the common toad can live for up to 40 years? A particularly large one once made his home under my Mother’s garden shed, occasionally ambling out and frightening her when she was gardening. ‘Toad’ was also the title of an endless drum solo that took up an entire side of a vinyl album by Cream, but the less said about that particular toad the better…


28 thoughts on “Toad

  1. I’d definitely kiss this toad. He’s lovely! I’m also a Kurt Jackson fan, but haven’t been brave enough to go the whole hog with spatters etc. Maybe you’ve provided a little inspiration here – thank you for sharing this. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love this little guy. He is beautiful. I have encountered several toads in the last couple of days at the park, hopping out of the undergrowth ahead of me as I follow the narrow path. And now that I know they can live so long, somehow that makes me happy to think of them with a nice future ahead of them. In your picture I particularly like the layery outline of the toad – line and color overlapping and weaving in and out of each other. A sense of motion.

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  3. Oh this is wonderful, Michael! I really like the lines; it’s like he’s just hopped right into view.

    I know how your mother feels! One night a few years back, I had one of these chaps hopping about behind my PC (of all places!). It was pretty scary! But hilarity ensued as I went about escorting it from the building.

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