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Self-portrait (A5 pencil on sketchbook page 2016)

An extra post this week because today is #SelfieArtDay, curated and conducted by Teresa Robeson over at One Good Thing.

Whether or not you think this is a good thing, it is more or less how I see myself at the moment: a little tired, maybe, but amused and baffled by life’s twists and turns, and interested in more things than I can keep up with. When my partner, Sarah, saw this she asked, “Why do you draw yourself like that?” which was perhaps her kind and generous way of implying it wasn’t such a good likeness. However, it has enough similarities for me to post it as a self-portrait on this month’s #SelfieArtDay.

41 thoughts on “#SelfieArtDay

  1. A good physical likeness is not the only way to do a good self portrait…sometimes it’s a good emotional, or mental, or spiritual likeness that makes for a good self-portrait. 🙂 I love the strength and conviction of your lines!

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