The King of Bavaria

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Self-portrait as the King of Bavaria (14cms x 12cms coloured pencils 2015)

This is my offering for Teresa Robeson’s #Portrait challenge, who, along with Kirk of Dumb Sketch Daily, has encouraged us to produce a self-portrait and post it on this very day. This is my attempted self-portrait as the King of Bavaria.

Some time ago I went to a dinner party where one of the guests was a PR person who, for most of the evening, completely ignored me. I’ve never worked in PR but I would have thought that the job required an interest in and curiosity about other people: on a purely mercenary level you might meet someone who could become a client. On the drive home I pointed this fact out to my partner and added, “For all he knew I could have been the King of Bavaria.”

So here I am in ermine and crown, a little older-looking and a little plumper than in reality (I hope) from all the cares of ruling an ancient kingdom that stretches from Passau to Wurzburg and the many glasses of Weizenbier I’d be expected to share with my adoring subjects. Keeping Bavaria up to snuff takes its toll, I can tell you.

24 thoughts on “The King of Bavaria

  1. What a fun portrait! You’re looking like you were born to it. 🙂
    I used to have to deal with PR people in a former life and my experience was that some of them have two faces, and like to air-kiss a lot – mwa, mwa. I’m sure they aren’t all like that, though…

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  2. The flip side of this coin, of course, is that people who treat me as though they assume I *am* royalty instantly fascinate *me*. And I have (happily) had this experience time and again; the truly amazing part of it, besides that anyone would be so silly as to really imagine I’m the King of Bavaria or any other sort of important personage, is that quite often I discover that the person I just met was, in fact, an important personage. I strongly suspect that this gift of theirs for elevating others is a large part of how and why they themselves have become elevated in life. Motivation enough!

    Meanwhile, back at your post, I am delighted with your drawing and have no problem at all with considering you the King of Bavaria, a region of which I am so fond as to think it important its King be a worthy person. 😀 Long live the King!


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