Library Dogs

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Dogs (30cms x 30cms ink and coloured pencil 2015)

A friend has suggested that I contribute a drawing to an exhibition at our local library in aid of UNICEF. Given that the idea is to sell the picture, what better – I thought – than this gaggle of dogs.

My feeling is that more people in our ancient market town would go for a drawing of dogs rather than one of quinces, Martha Stewart cookies or eggs on toast. Well maybe not those misguided ones who prefer cats, of course.

Anyway, let’s hope this one finds a home next month. If you like dogs as much as I do, take a look here, here or here.


35 thoughts on “Library Dogs

  1. First off, I love your art, especially your drawings of food. But when I saw this, it just knocked it out of the park for me 🙂 Please do share more of your dog drawings-they appear to be a delightful bunch and I suspect very well-behaved- I suspect your gaggle will find a “fur-ever” home with some lucky individual. And thank you Michael for the mention. I am familiar with Laura’s marvelous work and was delighted to find the Painted Pear.


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